About our Church

 Sacred Heart Parish was founded by Rev. McNamee in 1877. A small frame building was built at the corner of Second and Church Streets to serve as the first church for the new parish. It was dedicated in 1881. The first pastor was the Reverend J. H. May.  The Reverend Adolph Holtschneider became pastor in 1904 and guided the construction of our present church which was dedicated on November 24, 1918. The church underwent renovation in 1988.

 Pastors who have served at Sacred Heart: 

Rev. J. H. May                       1881-1900                    Rev. Joseph B. Winter            1971-1983

Rev. Victor Stepka                 1900-1904                    Rev. Robert P. Jovanovic        1983-1991

Rev. Adolph Holtschneider      1904-1944                  Rev. Michael L. Donald           1991-2004

Rev. Edward J. Meier              1944-1962                   Rev. Peter M. Blake                2004-2008

Rev. Aloysius J. Marschner    1962-1966                    Rev. Joseph E. Wormek          2008-2013

Rev. Aloysius F. Wilmes        1966-1971                     Rev. Clark B. Maes                 2013-2019